About the Places We Visit


Morocco is an endlessly fascinating country of contrasts. It’s cities mainly in the north expound classical architecture and a rich history of ruling dynasties.  It’s an Islamic country with unchanging traditions but it’s also an evolving nation expressed mostly in the Fes, Rabat and Casablanca where tradition sits check by jowl with modern sensibilities.  Out from the cities and into the villages it seems like another world; the Berber and Arab communities living within their means in often splendid isolation.

However it’s the terrain of Morocco that provides the greatest thrill.  You can be on a snow capped peak and by the coast in a cooling breeze 2 hours later. Unspoilt coastlines… oasis laden with dates… deserts reminiscent of the American landscapes of Utah and Nevada overseen by vast mountain ranges and gorges speckled with tiny villages; it really is all here to see.



Fez, the most ancient of the imperial cities, is a surreal place to visit where time stood still since the Middle Ages giving the visitor the impression of being suspended somewhere between the past and the present. The colours, the smells, the clothes and life in the medina are the same as they were hundreds of years ago




Magnificent, bustling, captivating Marrakesh. Marrakesh has everything; from fantastic gardens to a multitude of souks and is well worth including on any extended tour of the country. Stroll past the Koutoubia mosque with its elaborate 12th century tower, visit the Saadian tombs, a mausoleum containing the graves of 66 kings, and be in-spired by the pots, pergolas and lush vegetation of the Majorelle gardens.




The start of the Sahara with camel trekking and overnight stays in a Berber tent. The dunes at Merzouga were used as a backdrop for ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. A small town but with a big heart it’s impossible to not feel something special when reaching here at the end of the road.  The views are breathtaking and you can both relax in a wonderful pool and hotel and enjoy the romantic delights of camel trekking at sunset.




One of the most enchanting spots in Morocco, it’s both a laid-back port town and a chic seaside resort and has quietly become one of the must-visit places for independent travellers and creative types who all descend here. It’s a small town and as such easily accessible by foot. Both faded and authentic buildings are the ideal backdrop for wandering its quiet streets. Essaouira’s appeal is its charming blend of 18th-century medina, temperate climate, slightly alternative atmosphere, vitality, colour and it’s vast sandy beaches.



Nestled among the boulder-strewn mountains of the Anti-Atlas in the Ameln Valley is the town of Tafraoute. It’s remarkable situation can only be appreciated after the mountainous road journey to get there. Boulders surround the town changing from grey to orange to red throughout the day. Surrounding Tafraoute are small hamlets hemmed in by imposing towers of granite.

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